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DDAL07-01 A City on the Edge (5e) $3.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Gail D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/12/2017 17:53:18

These are perhaps my favorite intro adventures to an AL season thus far. Whilst I agree that the experience does not necesarily lend itself to just 5 hours of play, these are fantastic missions that can be run as a set or individually side by side with hardcover adventures in Chult.

When run as a set, the first hour of 7-01 usually seems to be spent getting introduced to Port Nyanzaru and the other players in the party. There are so many sights and sounds, out and about, that to rush this first glimpse of Chult would do it a disservice. Following that the missions hit their stride and allow for relatively quick gameplay. Still, I would schedule 2 4hr sessions to run 7-01. The players may only get to level 2, but what they lack in experience, they make up for in roleplay/development of their PCs and balancing group dynamics.

I adore the detail and focus on location, npcs and flora and fauna. 7-01 imbues its adventures with just the right about of Chult flavor to get players excited and provide ideas for RP situations.

However, it would do well to recall that this is an intro adventure, meant not only as a gateway to Chult but also for easy gameplay for new DMs. I do believe it straddled that line very well in that regard. I hope to see the faction agents further fleshed out in following tier 1 adventures.

The primary issue with 7-01 for some, may be its lack of permanent magic items which could put off a large swathe of AL players in the longterm. They may opt for other tier 1 season 7 adventures that do offer the opportunity to grab a shiny item instead. However, I quite enjoy a couple of the story awards in "A City on the Edge" and find them to be better by far than a number of the regularly seen uncommon magic items that populate t1 adventures.

Looking back at my runs of 7-01, I would honestly recommend running these amidst Guild Adept adventures and ToA hardcover. That way, not only do players get XP for RP during hardcover hours but it allows DMs not to worry about figuring out which sidequests to pick when they can simply switch to a 7-01 mission in the second half of the session. Alternatively, running Cellar of Death (Guild Adept adventure) would also offer a seague directly into the hardcover, post 7-01. Overall I found this particular AL adventure delightful, with many opportunities for fun with dinosaurs, trips to the bathhouses and filthy rainy days out and about. Definitely recommend.

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DDAL07-01 A City on the Edge (5e)
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