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Octavirate Presents: Lethal Lexicon Vol 2 $4.50
Publisher: Octavirate Games
by Shane O. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/06/2007 14:45:38

Octavirate Presents: Lethal Lexicon Volume 2 is d20 monster book from Octavirate Games. The zipped file is slightly over twelve megabytes in size, and contains a single PDF of the product. The book itself is forty-three pages long, including a page for the cover, a page for the credits, and a page for the OGL. Full bookmarks are provided.

The second volume of the Lethal Lexicon is, like the first, fairly generous with its artwork. The cover is the only example of full-color art here, but each monster has a black and white depiction; there are no page borders. The artwork for the creatures, as well as the layout and font type, is all very reminiscent of First Edition rules. There isn’t a printer-friendly version, which is a shame, since there’s a goodly amount of art here.

Volume 2 of the Lethal Lexicon picks up where its predecessor left off, presenting monsters that are slightly off-kilter, but are no less deadly for it. Picking up with the Dread Mascot (a cowardly little creature that follows an adventuring group around, inadvertently bringing them bad luck) all the way to the Wooly Bulette, twenty-five new monsters are given here. Interestingly, several of these build off of monsters from the previous volume, such as the Endangered Half-Dragon templates being the logical extension from said dragons in the previous book.

The humor here is well-done, because it never compromises the utility of the product, but at the same times does a good job poking fun at the various tropes of the game. For example, the Sticksnake is the leftover result of all the gods getting together and collectively deciding to get rid of the spell Sticks to Snakes (hence why it’s not in the new edition of the game), the Noffig is the inverse of the griffon (and looks pretty stupid for it), and the Gelatinous Sphere actually seems more normal than its cubic counterpart.

The stats here are rock solid. I only found a few errors while looking through the book, and those seem to have been since corrected. Of course, all of the monsters have stats for the optional d20 rules that Octavirate is famous for. An appendix at the end also covers using these monsters in various alternate genres.

Altogether, the second Lethal Lexicon does as great a job as the first. There are some omissions that would have been nice, such as a listing of monsters by CR, or a printer-friendly version, but not having these isn’t a big deal. The monsters here are funny, until they start to shred your adventuring party, making them easily adaptable for humor or deadliness. Whether as joke monsters or just more freaks from the dungeon, sick the Lethal Lexicon Volume 2 on your players today!

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Octavirate Presents: Lethal Lexicon Vol 2
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